The company "HAUSBAU" Ltd. was founded in 2008. Its main activity is the construction of residential buildings, as well as finishing the interior and exterior.

The company Hausbau Ltd. provides complete services in connection with the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

You can contact us if you wish:

• To solve their housing problems.
• To take advantage of buying an apartment or office space in the building.
• To the safest and best way to make the plot that you have.
• To do everything in one place with the help of our team. From design and technical documentation, construction and other services related to investment in the construction, reconstruction of your living space on a "turnkey"

Hausbau Ltd. He has several investments in Belgrade, and is currently completing construction of a business complex "VOĆAR CITY", in Loznica, the fruit growers in the center of town near the promenade. The next object that we are building that is now doing the preliminary design is also in Loznica on location Banjski Shore.

If you want to be sure of the quality of work that is done or solve the housing problem. Every day you can contact the office at 1 boulevard, calling the following phone numbers or email